So how did Leadprompt
come to be?

Leadprompt’s CRM platform enables seamless collaboration among marketing,
sales, and customer service, empowering organizations to deliver exceptional
experiences and achieve remarkable outcomes together.


Helping millions grow better.


Our Mision

We challenge the notion that business growth requires ruthlessness. We firmly believe in a better approach, where what benefits the bottom line is also beneficial for customers. We advocate for businesses to grow ethically, with a sense of purpose, and embrace the inbound methodology. To support this vision, we have developed an ecosystem that combines software, education, and community, empowering businesses to continuously improve and grow.

Our Story

In 2023, Leadprompt emerged with a clear mission: to revolutionize business growth through its cutting-edge CRM platform.

Recognizing the need for speed and efficiency, Leadprompt aimed to empower businesses with a comprehensive toolset to accelerate their growth journeys. With a relentless focus on providing unparalleled user experience,

Leadprompt’s platform enabled seamless customer relationship management, helping businesses cultivate and nurture valuable connections. As a pioneer in the industry,

Leadprompt aimed to reshape the landscape of business growth by equipping companies with the tools they needed to thrive in a rapidly evolving market.


Our culture and values

Trust & Transparency

Data is integral to our identity as a team and company. It empowers us to collaborate effectively, enhancing our performance and driving impactful outcomes. Access to data builds trust, enabling swift execution and achieving high productivity. This freedom fosters an environment where we can excel and deliver results efficiently.

Ownership & Impact

We have discovered the importance of employees taking complete ownership of their work, encompassing all aspects from start to finish. This fosters a sense of personal commitment and motivation, resulting in improved execution. It also emphasizes the value of completing tasks rather than striving for perfection. This mindset shift leads to better overall outcomes and performance.

Trust & Transparency

We prioritize customer-centricity by designing our product to meet their needs. User-friendliness is central to every feature, resulting in a superior user experience. Our success in serving diverse industries is evident, with over 70% of our clientele coming from non-tech sectors.emphasizing our success in serving diverse industries.

Speed & Execution

We strongly believe in the correlation between fast execution, learning, iteration, and improvement. We consistently operate at our own speed, actively seeking feedback from both internal sources and customers. This drive to experiment and enhance our performance grants us a competitive advantage, particularly as we grow and expand our operations.


Inclusivity is ingrained in our company values and platform experience, fostering an inclusive environment for all. We prioritize diversity and inclusion, recognizing their significance in cultivating stronger teams and ultimately delivering an exceptional product. This stems from both a moral standpoint and the belief in driving excellence through inclusivity.


Our utmost focus lies in the satisfaction and success of our customers. We wholeheartedly dedicate ourselves to providing exceptional support, setting a benchmark in the industry. We firmly believe that our own success is intricately linked to the triumphs of our customers. Their achievements serve as a testament to our commitment and drive to excel.we believe that when our customers win, we win.

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Integrations and Extensions

Unlock the full potential of our CRM platform at Leadprompt. With over 1340+ integrations available and the capability to develop custom applications, you have the freedom to tailor HubSpot to perfectly align with your unique business requirements.

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