About GigOne

Our Mission, Our Vision, Our Values,

Our Story

Our Mission


GigOne was founded for one purpose; to help businesses make the transition into the online marketplace, where uniqueness is key, and content is built on creativity.


We’re living in a time where the internet has made it easy to start a business, but it’s for that same reason that it has never been more competitive. That’s why we take the Creative Approach towards building your marketing strategy, to make you stand out and establish a unique identity.

Our Vision


We believe that empowering business owners means adding value to consumers. That’s why we take pride in our Creative Approach to seamlessly integrating these businesses into the online marketplace.


Implementing this method takes a great deal of preparation. Once the brand kit and overall direction has been realized, it will serve as a foundation for every piece of content moving forward.
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Our Values

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We Stop At Nothing

Our goal is to provide web design/development services to those taking their business online. That’s why we stop at nothing to create high quality websites that aligns with your brand’s identity.

We Love To Explore

Doing business online is all about keeping up with current trends, that’s why we love learning of new ways to help our clients succeed online.

We Take It Day-By-Day

Success will never come overnight. For that reason, we take it day-by-day with ourselves and our clients to ensure we’re achieving their goals.

We Continue to Learn

E-commerce is rapidly growing, and so are we! Our team continues to learn and keeps up to date with web design and digital marketing trends, that way we can provide the most relevant advice and feedback to our clients.

Our Story:

From A Dream, To A Goal, To an Action Plan

The Dream

It all started when we graduated university with business degrees. We thought to ourselves, why settle for a career when we can do so much more? Why should we place a cap on our potential? In the early stages, we worked 9-5 jobs, but never lost sight of our dream to become entrepreneurs. 

The Goal

When Covid-19 took the world by surprise, businesses had to close their doors, and many lost their jobs. As a result, these businesses had no other choice but to sell online. For many, the transition was difficult, which lead to frustration and demotivation. As this became more noticeable, we’ve come to realize that this is a problem. Although we each had our own unique views on starting a business, we all agreed on one thing; a business is an extension of the entrepreneur’s inner self. That was when we defined our goal of helping entrepreneurs feel a connection towards their business. We met and discussed how we were going to turn this idea into an action plan, which is when we decided to launch a web design agency.

The Action Plan




In 2021, we launched GigOne, to take the Creative Approach towards helping businesses sell online.
We believe that everyone should aspire to be the best versions of themselves, and the only way to do that is by doing what you are most passionate about. At GigOne, we encourage people to think outside the box and pursue a business venture that solves a problem in their lives.






“If you don’t love what you sell, neither will your clients!”

Saleh Albaity

Co-Founder, GigOne

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